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 We specialise in custom branded Promotional Flash drivesCustomized memory sticks and USB pen flash drives make perfect promotional materials at conferences, seminars or public displays and can be preloaded with company presentations or contact details.

USB, Universal Serial Bus Flash drives are available in many shapes, from traditional promotional memory sticks format to promotional USB pen drives and promotional credit card flash drives and all can becustom designed, printed and duplicated to your requirements.Promotional flash drives and USB gadgets are both cost effective and deliver a high perceived value.

Clients can buy Promotional Flash Drives
With a selection of memory capacities

1GB2GB4GB8GB, 16GB, 32GB & 64GB

Leap into this new way to distribute data and marketing information. Promotional USB Flash Drive goes by a few different names such as Jump DriveMini USB Drive or USB Flash Pen Drive, depending on the manufacturer’s name. These devices vary in size and inmemory capacity

The versatility and convenience of these Customized Promotional Flash Drives leave the customer with a nice data or music storage device that will be used many times, even after the initial impact has passed. Pre-Loaded Promotional Flash Pen Drives are fast becoming a popular method to distribute marketing and sales materials in a convenient and usable format. Imagine the convenience of taking a palm-sized device containing the memory of your computer hard drive with you wherever you go! 

We offer Laser Engraving or up to 6 color custom printing to ourPromotional Memory Sticks. Our services include data preloadauto-run function and other programming solutions.

We will beat any competitor's quote for custom printed or engraved Promotional Flash Drives.   

We deliver Promotional flash drives Australia wideBrisbane QLD,Melbourne VICSydney NSWCanberra ACTPerth WADarwin NT and all cities in between
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We all enjoy receiving new promotional products especially when they are trendy or useful. Large corporations have made branded merchandise part of their annual marketing budget for decades. With the increase in tradeshows and exhibitions taking place throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane every year, you can now take advantage of some great opportunities to get your logo and message in front of a wide audience containing your ideal new clients. Our advice would be to choose products that reflect your company or the services you offer.

USB Promotional Sticks

promotional usb sticks

When deciding on what item to use as a promotional gift, it is important to try to think of something that the person you give it to will use. In doing this you will ensure that your company logo and details get seen by as many people as possible, helping to make your promotion campaign more effective. Promotional USB sticks make an ideal choice for a promotional item because they are something that is very likely to be used time and time again. A promotional USB stick is likely to be held on a key ring and carried around with a person wherever they go meaning that a lot of people are likely to see your message.

Promotional Flash Drives bring you a huge variety of promotional USB memory sticks that can help get your business noticed by a very wide audience. With eye catching designs, our drives help to draw attention to your company logo and name. For more information on the huge range of fun and funky USB drives we have available, contact us via telephone or email and we will be pleased to help.


Cheap Promotional USB Drives

promotional usb drive

Almost everybody in the western world uses a computer nowadays so a promotional item that will make using computers easier is sure to get used. When you have your company name on any item that is used often, there is a great chance of lots of people noticing it which makes for a marketing opportunity that should not be missed. A promotional USB drive is one such example of an item that will get used often and something that would be an ideal tool in your marketing campaign.

Small enough to fit into the pocket yet large enough to hold a mass of data, a USB is unlikely to be left in a drawer unlike so many other items. Here at Promotional Flash Drives we have an enormous range of different USB drives at different prices so you should be able to find something that you can afford. Such an effective marketing tool at fantastic prices will surely prove to be a wise investment for your business going into the future. For more information on the drives we have available please feel free to browse our site or contact us and we will be more than happy to hear from you.



Promotional Thumb Drives

promotional usb flash drives

If you want to get your company noticed to help put you on the map, then you will need to run a marketing campaign. An effective marketing campaign will really help people know who you are and what you do and could make a considerable difference to your bottom line in the long run. For any marketing campaign to be effective it is important that it has an impact and promotional USB flash drives will help to achieve the impact you need.

Used by so many people in business and in leisure, USB drives are an item that people will find very useful. We at Promotional Flash Drives are delighted to offer a wide range of different sizes and styles of USB drives that will really help your business to get noticed. Once you have selected the promotional USB flash drive you want, our advanced engraving and printing techniques will make sure that your business logo and details are not missed. With functional flash drives that are also great to look at, we can help your marketing campaign to be a success so contact us to find out more about how we can be of service to you.


USB Promotional Items

usb promotional productsCreating a marketing campaign that is focused toward your target audience can be a challenge. If a campaign is not effective then it may be difficult to justify the cost but there are ways to make marketing campaigns effective. Promotional items such as USB promotional products can be extremely effective if they are given to the right people with trade fairs and shows being one way to help achieve that.

If you attend a trade fair you are likely to find visitors to your booth will have at least a passing interest in what you are offering. Give them a promotional USB stick with your company details on it and they will know how to find you should they need your services in the future. The USB sticks are also likely to be used which means that other people are also likely to notice your business name. Here at Promotional Flash Drives, we have a marketing solution that can offer a cost effective way of really getting your business on the map. With many different styles to choose from, you will find something that will suit your business perfectly.


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We'd really like to hear about your next promotional campaign so give us a call today or send an email to sales@promotionalflashdrives.com.au Include any questions that you have and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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